The green transition is not only about measurable optimization of technological solutions and the status quo, but also about finding new ways to enter into interpersonal relationships in interaction with nature. As an element of our learning model, "ReGeneration" is about how we create ways of living and working together that can deal with the global climate challenges in a democratic, equal and fair perspective and that regenerate the possibilities for the development of all life on Earth. Therefore, co-creation and cultural development are also a central part of our work.

We understand the climate crisis as a cultural challenge. A challenge that both calls into question the way of being human, which is the basis of the consumer society that has created the global system crisis, and by the way of being human that can handle the crises we are in. We are suspicious of big, chrome-plated plans and believe that the way forward is paved with trials and experiments, which must be constantly reviewed, but which all show us something about how we take the next steps.

At Himmelbjerggården, we have initiated various culture-creating activities and projects, from the "Nature's Constitution Meeting", which aims to revitalize Himmelbjerget as a cultural gathering point and explore what it means to give nature a voice, to longer artist-in-residency programs where we create the framework for interdisciplinary artistic collaboration around some of today's major issues.