Our projects are part of EarthWays Academy, which is our platform for developing learning courses, courses, seminars and workshops with the aim of creating the framework for dialogue and co-creation that brings us closer to EarthWay's vision. The academy's activities are based on an interaction between experience, dialogue and practice - with the aim of creating space for experiences of and in nature that strengthen attention, sensuality and sensitivity towards our togetherness.

Our work is based on the learning model “Nature's ABCD”, which forms the basis for a holistic pedagogy that includes both the approach we have to learning, design and innovation and the way we create new relationships and communities.

We understand nature-based education as a crossroads between general education, natural science education, existential self-education and the education of the heart. Our learning process has a process-oriented approach and most often a sensory and experience-based starting point, where you move from experience and awareness to practical experiments and from there to professional understanding and finally co-creation of a common product.

Concretely, a course that unfolds around the ABCD of the learning model will begin in the immediate, with the physically sensible, with experience and exploration of the relationship to the four elements and from there move to the conceptual and skill-related and the reflexive level.