This element is about acquiring practical skills. About acting in practice and developing the skills needed so that we and all other life can live sustainably on Earth.

In the work to regenerate the soil and support biodiversity, the basic principles of permaculture are used, among other things whole system design. Here we work with methods and tools for how to read a landscape, nature's patterns and ecosystems, and how to support and promote a living soil and fertility.

Creating life-giving practices is a constant interaction where we ask questions, try out, observe and reflect. How do we act best in practice based on the insights we gain in the process?

Concretely, the work at Himmelbjerggården takes place in nature and the landscape we are in. We are in the process of implementing various strategies for land regeneration, e.g. in the forest garden, where a two-hectare piece of forest of fir trees, which was used for rock green, has been cleared and is being transformed into an edible forest garden with a great diversity of fruit trees, shrubs and herbs.