Naturens Grundlovmøde is a recurring gathering that aims to revitalize Himmelbjerget as a cultural meeting point, and where we can discuss, explore and experience what it means to give nature a voice. We meet to discuss how together we can take the first steps towards the formulation of a Basic Law of Nature and a legal basis that can be written into the Basic Law and contribute to securing nature's rights.

Himmelbjerget has throughout time been a gathering point for visionary thoughts. It was here, back in 1839, that Steen Steensen Blicher called the Danish population to a public meeting and spread the visionary thoughts that underlie democracy, the cooperative idea and the college movement.

The meeting's ambition is to create a popular framework for a reflective and joint conversation about a new path from Blicher and Grundtvig to Gaia and the community of life. The current situation calls for a new global people's movement that, with an expanded concept of democracy, not only operates with human rights, but also gives nature, its diversity of species and ecosystems a voice and rights.

At the Nature's Constitution meeting in 2023, we discussed a draft of "Denmark's Green Basic Law", which was written by a working group whose task was to create a debate paper based on the idea of a of nature constitution. The Green Basic Law must be considered as a kick-start in the debate about the legal way forward towards nature getting a voice in our legislation and developing as its points are turned and twisted. You can read The Green Basic Law here.

The next Naturen's constitutional meeting is on 2 June 2024 at Himmelbjerggården.