Nature in and around us unfolds in enchanting, mysterious and interconnected patterns, like the common matrix of all life. We are part of the universe's great story about the development of life on Earth, a story that, like the mycelium, anchors and connects us to the more-than-human world, and which provides inspiration to recreate stories full of hope for transformation and life.

As an element of our learning model, "Nature as teacher" is about how we learn to observe and read nature? How we learn to work with rather than against nature and make our interaction with nature healing and regenerating. How we can learn from nature and find inspiration and answers to solving the climate challenges we face. Here it is about acquiring insight and understanding of the basic principles of ecology, about listening, observing and imitating. About recognizing the interaction between the four elements by feeling the fire and the energy of sunlight, by feeling the air in the breath, by sensing the living earth and by following the water in its entire cycle.

Therefore, ecoliteracy – the competence to be able to understand nature and the basic ecological concepts – is also central to our work. For us, it is about being able to decipher the language of nature, but also about enlightening our "environmental illiteracy" and the reasons why we have, so to speak, "fallen out of nature". Therefore, this element is also about questioning ways of thinking and ways of being that perceive people and nature as separate.