The realization of the vision of EarthWays as a center of inspiration, a gathering point and center for regenerative learning can only be realized in collaboration with a diversity of partners: committed citizens, NGOs, research and educational institutions, foundations, companies and others who want to be involved to pave the way towards a truly sustainable future. We invite everyone who might share our mission to enter into collaboration and dialogue about how we translate the regenerative vision into practice.


Anyone who shares EarthWays' vision and ambition to work to make our interactions with nature regenerative can become members of EarthWays. As a member, you become part of the EarthWays Hub, a network of people working to implement regeneration in practice. A membership gives access to get involved in life and activities on the farm as well as a number of membership offers and benefits. We offer memberships to individuals, associations and companies.

Corporate Partnerships

As a company, you can also become part of EarthWays through a business lease or a CSR sponsorship, which gives access to use course and conference facilities on favorable terms and to special events with capacities in regenerative economics and management, organizations of the future, etc. We collaborate also with companies regarding the implementation of regenerative principles and the development of concrete projects.

Research and educational institutions

Universities and educational institutions are invited to development and project collaborations, where EarthWays is included as a partner and at the same time can provide physical frameworks and facilities for the work. Danish and international NGOs are welcome as partners in relation to joint project development and applications for support for larger projects.

Strategic partnerships

Foundations, foundations and self-owned institutions that wish to support EarthWay's overall vision are invited as strategic dialogue partners for the further development of our work and the dissemination of the basic ideas behind it.

As a partner with EarthWays, you become part of a dedicated community that works to develop and strengthen nature-based education and farming, the democratic conversation, non-profit cultural events and art that deals with our relationship with nature. With Himmelbjerget's many visitors, our regenerative paradigm and focus on biodiversity and land use, EarthWays gives our partners an important platform and greater reach in the regenerative agenda.

If you would like to hear more about the possibilities for collaboration, contact: