Himmelbjerggården is surrounded by wooded hills, lakes and valleys in the middle of some of Denmark's most beautiful nature and, with its 20 hectares of land and 15 buildings of a total of approx. 6,000 m2, constitutes EarthWay's physical anchoring point. It is EarthWay's ambition to regenerate Himmelbjerggården's nature and biodiversity, as well as to revitalize the place as a cultural meeting point: a meeting point that must help to rethink democracy, ways of life as well as our understanding of nature and educational ideals.

We implemented a number of regenerative strategies on the farm to increase biodiversity and restore natural and species-rich habitats. Himmelbjerggården is an experimentarium for experience-based and practical activities that can inspire and create a framework for an open dialogue about how we find new and regenerative ways to go.

A strong history and deep roots

In 2017, Himmelbjerggården was taken over by Aslaug Færch Johnsen and started its journey as an inspiration center for sustainable development. Since then, many sustainable measures have been implemented in the buildings and on the farm's land. The farm contains course and conference facilities with 60 beds, organic and vegetarian kitchen, office and treatment community, a summer café and shop with sustainable products, a living community, creative workshops and art projects.

The farm is the setting for cultural events, festivals and large gatherings. The farm has a large local, national and international network of teachers, entrepreneurs, designers and artists who help to regenerate the farm, offer courses and training and create experiences, landscape and projects in the area.

Himmelbjerget is a place full of history, a place where the forces of nature can be felt and where the stories of man and nature go back a long way. Himmelbjerget is visited annually by approx. 450,000 people.

In Norse mythology, the rainbow bridge Bifrost connects Asgard, where the gods live, with Midgard, where humans live, and it is said that Bifrost is attached to Himmelbjerget. Asen Heimdal lives at the end of the rainbow bridge on Himmelbjerget and guards the bridge. According to the tale, Heimdal is able to divine and see into the future. He has falcon vision and his hearing is fantastic. He can hear the grass growing and the wool growing on the sheep. From Himmelbjerget, Heimdal's horn now sounds: it is time to stop, to turn around and find another way forward.